Rachel Rieder


My name is Rachel Rieder and I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist. I am the founder of Balance on Demand, as well as the official Coach of my company.

I am extremely passionate about teaching people how to live a happier, BALANCED life on THEIR OWN TERMS.

I have multiple tiers of coaching that I offer and I am also willing to work with you on customizing a program specifically for YOU and YOUR NEEDS.


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Rachel attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and obtained her degree in Industrial Engineering. Industrial Engineers work to optimize systems and improve processes consisting of various information.


Rachel was a CrossFit coach for 5 years and continues to enjoy the sport currently. Through CrossFit and other forms of physical activity, she learned a healthy lifestyle is a combination of exercise AND what you eat/drink.


Being both an engineer and an athlete, Rachel had the idea to fuse the two passions together and create Balance on Demand. BOD takes the thinking out of meal planning and frees up your time to live a BALANCED life.

Photography by Moments by Meers.